Recordings – Day 1

Prof Ryan Lowe
Delivering on Nature-Based Solutions through Engineering With Nature
Dr Todd Bridges
Restoring Island Habitat using Engineering With Nature (EWN) Principles
Dr Burton Suedel
How economic frameworks can guide investment for nature-based solutions
Dr Abbie Rogers
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Nature Based Solutions in Urban Environments
Prof Catherine Lovelock
Eco-engineered shorelines for greater urban liveability
A/Prof Peter Todd
Developing a Nature-based Coastal Defence Strategy for Australia
Dr Rebecca Morris
Nature Based Solutions for Estuaries & Ports: Recreating Tidal Ecosystems using Ecosystem Service Analysis
A/Prof Will Glamore
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Short overview presentations
Blue Carbon as a Nature-Based Solution to Climate Change
A/Prof Peter Macreadie
Improving Predictions of the Processes Governing Performance of Nature Based Solutions
Prof Ryan Lowe & Dr Marco Ghisalberti
Keys to Successful Large Scale Delivery of Integrated Habitat Projects
Matt Allen
Leveraging Infrastructure Investment to Re-Build Ecosystem Resilience in Cockburn Sound, WA
Hans Kemps
Coastal hazards and the risk reduction benefits of nature-based solutions
Dr Borja Reguero
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Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions: Measuring their Performance Under Extremes
Dr Bregje van Wesenbeeck
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