PIANC APAC 2020 is a biennial conference series focusing on harbours, ports and recreational boating in the Asia Pacific region.

Pre-Conference Symposium

Pre-Conference Symposium: Nature-based Solutions for Coasts, Ports and Estuaries

Date: 15-16 June 2020
Venue: Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

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(Closes 03/04/20)
(04/04/20 onwards)
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Protecting populations and infrastructure within our ports, coasts and estuaries is a major challenge in this era of rapid environmental change.  To address this challenge, in recent years there has been growing focus on adopting “nature-based solutions” in flooding and erosion risk management projects.  These solutions use natural processes and ecosystems (i.e. “green infrastructure”) to provide an alternative form of protection. Such ecosystems include, reefs, wetlands, submerged aquatic vegetation, mangroves, and “hybrid” approaches that integrate both traditional and nature-based approaches.

This Symposium will bring together a range of multi-disciplinary groups, including engineering, planning, restoration ecology, resource economics, and policy experts, to discuss recent international developments in nature-based solutions for coastal, port and estuary applications. The Symposium will highlight the latest innovations worldwide, lessons learnt, and implementation challenges from users across a spectrum of backgrounds (from researchers to practitioners to end users).

Note that the Symposium is part of PIANC’s APAC Conference and attendees are encouraged to register for the Symposium and the full conference.

If you are interested in presenting in this Symposium, please contact Ryan Lowe on ryan.lowe@uwa.edu.au.

Additional enquiries should be directed to the Conference Secretariat: Encanta Event Management T: +61 3 9863 7609 E: lexie.duncan@encanta.com.au